Amy J. Gamble 

Writing about mental health topics.

Amy on the left and her sister Shelley on the right
Amy on the left and her sister Shelley on the right

About the Author

 Amy Gamble is a national award-winning mental health advocate focused on educating others about mental health-related challenges. She lives in remission with bipolar disorder and PTSD. She's  been able to successfully recover from her conditions and learn how to manage them effectively. She's a Mental Health Coach who helps people on their recovery journey from various mental health conditions. Amy has taught hundreds of hours of mental health first aid and have given over 250 talks and trainings about mental health. Her goal is to offer hope that recovery is possible.

Outside of mental health advocacy work, Amy loves taking walks in the outdoors, entertaining her dog and cat and curling up in a comfy blanket with a good book.

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Amy Gamble
Olympian – Author – Speaker

"Unsilenced: A Memoir of Healing from Trauma"

Intelligent, educated, and successful. When mental illness strikes, could this former Olympian survive the greatest fight of her life?


Arizona, 2006. Amy Gamble thought her years as an athlete had prepared her for anything. After competing in the ’88 Olympic games in Seoul and transitioning into a rewarding business career, the forty-one-year-old professional never dreamed she harbored a traumatic past. So she was blindsided by flashbacks to a teenage assault and horrified that instead of receiving help for her psychotic episode, the police pushed her face-first into the dirt and handcuffed her.


Striving to recover with the aid of a therapist, Amy struggled with an escalating onslaught of invasive memories. But after getting lost in the forest during a second psychotic break and nearly dying, the frostbitten and hypothermic woman finally found a path to healing.


In this true story of courage and resilience, Amy J. Gamble shares her powerful journey to take back her future and of how she came to be a mental health advocate educating others about mental health conditions  As she reveals her battles with PTSD and bipolar disorder, you’ll come to appreciate not only the strength of the human spirit, but that there is hope and triumph for those afflicted with mental health issues.


Unsilenced is a raw account full of heart-wrenching emotion. If you like destigmatizing difficult subjects, helping through understanding, and never giving up, then you’ll love Amy J. Gamble’s gripping memoir.